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I don't design clothing. I design dreams.

— Ralph Lauren

Our body is finally free. Designers and fashion are no longer subject to social, aesthetic or gender lines. It's time to decide for yourself: what defines being wanted, being playful, being erotic. Freedom of expression, freedom of interpretation - this is what we give each participant of the Art Erotic Challenge. Each fashion designer will have the opportunity to show the world their own vision and understanding of such a complex and elegant topic as eroticism.


Nomination Prize Pool:
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Dear participants, we announce the challenge on all the sites over the Internet, and absolutely any fashion designer can take part. All the winners will have the opportunity to present their own mini-collections at Fashion Crystal Week

We invite you to join the fashion designers challenge around the world. We offer a choice of creating for each participant:


Choose one of the topics for the task:


We request you to show imagination and embody your ideas from any materials at hand, let it be sheets, paper, curtains or whatever; either create 1 to 3 looks that would emphasize sexuality the most, or provide sketches of the collection created for the project.

From bed to bed

Any element you create should reveal the beauty and eroticism of the human body. You need to create two to four items. Choose one of the following themes: pyjamas, housecoats, sportswear, casual looks, evening event outfit.

The sexiest underwear

This task requires you to create sketches of a collection and tailor 1 to 3 sets of erotic lingerie.


Choose one of the official soundtracks to add to the video

Conditions of the competition

You must be over 18 years old

Register on the platform

Pay membership fee

Choose one of the official soundtracks to add to the video

All works must be created for the Art Erotic Challenge only, and must not be published anywhere else or submitted to other competitions.

Vertical video 9:16 up to 30 seconds or a photo

Tag three friends on social media under the created video or photo with a call to participate in the challenge

Subscribe to the award pages on social networks:

Add hashtag #aec_awards, #aec_designer

Evaluation Criteria

  • Compliance of the work with the declared topicChallenge description
  • Eroticism
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • The virality of the video
  • Compliance with video length and format requirements
  • Video / photo quality
  • Presence of editing effects
  • Working with materials
  • Creativity when choosing materials
  • Artistic idea
  • Originality of design

Prize fund

Guaranteed prizes

  • Access to private community and social platform at
  • Participate in voting
  • Opportunity to take part in weekly prize draws from organizers and partners
  • Access to exclusive masterclasses from experts and industry leaders
  • Weekly draw of up to $ 3000
  • 10% to 50% discount on works presented on the website as well as project merchandize


  • Prizes from partners and sponsors
  • Social media production
  • Opportunity to put your works on sale at the platfrom
  • Opportunity to submit your best works for auction at the platfrom
  • Individual collaboration conditions from project partners


  • Exclusive photo shoot
  • Participation in the unique collaboration reality project Art Erotic Fashion
  • Valuable prizes from partners and sponsors
  • Access to private private events
Nomination Prize Pool:$30,000
  • Presentation of the collection at the international fashion week Crystal Fashion Week
  • Assistance in the realization and promotion of collections in international boutiques and showrooms
  • Production of the created collection with the support of the organizers of the project


Contact us

The Art Erotic Challenge team is always open to collaboration. Fill out this simple contact form and we will promptly contact you to implement a new unusual project.