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All art is erotic.

— Gustav Klimt

Nowadays, sexuality cannot be considered without taking into account the many social factors that determine the experience of our being in the world. Different theoretical trends reveal the influence of sexuality on our perception in their way. For instance, it is said that visual arts are motivated and structured by sexual drives. Also, theorists view the perception of sexuality through the prism of fetishes, where the exclusively female body is seen as an object of desire. The Art Erotic Challenge can motivate you to develop your critical view of eros and sexuality. Artists can demonstrate how they fight the stigmatization of both sexes. They also explain how the newfound confidence in our attractiveness and strength helps us to define ourselves in life, break free from prejudices and go against the shackles that limit our bodies.


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This challenge claims that any body is beautiful. A clear statement that a body of large forms, with stretch marks and freckles, is also attractive and seductive. #eroticpositive is a personal story of an artist who is ready to openly share and discuss it while sharing their artistic advice, which they use to create a competitive painting.


After the painting is done, the participant of the competition should do the appropriate research and understand what possible options are available for exhibiting their work. The participant must make a video of searching for the appropriate place in the city where they live: a museum, gallery, station or street - any place where they think their picture will look good.


This challenge is for participants who wish to express their feelings and emotions through following techniques: action painting; body extension art; and the body is like a sheet. The fusion of the artist and his work must be justified by the appropriate statement. How does the chosen painting technique challenge the boundaries of our body and self-representation?


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Conditions of the competition

You must be over 18 years old

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All works must be created for the Art Erotic Challenge only, and must not be published anywhere else or submitted to other competitions.

Vertical video 9:16 up to 30 seconds or a photo

Tag three friends on social media under the created video or photo with a call to participate in the challenge

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Sergey Rozhin

The creator of the "Slaves of Malevich" channel about contemporary art, blogger, musician, participant at the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art parallel program , Yekaterinburg, Russia;

The multidisciplinary activity of Sergei Rozhin, an artist from Yekaterinburg, is closely related to his long-term passion for theater, spoken word and rap music. The artist works with such media: collage, installation and video art.

Anna Semenova
Curator and art consultant

Anna Semenova, partner of online gallery BORSCH, co-curator of young contemporary art festival ART Lihoradka, and art consultant of cultural Fund “Chetverg”.

Elena Yamlikhanova

Graduated from MMOMA Free Workshops, worked at “Aidan Studio”. Personal exhibitions were held in galleries such as Fragment Gallery and 25Kadr

Sonja Yakovleva

The Frankfurt-based artist. A founding member of collective consisting of curators, artists and philosophers “KVTV”. Yakovleva’s practice extends also into the realm of music and performance. Her works and performances have been presented in many European countries. Currently Sonya has a solo-exhibition at “Temnikova& Kasela” gallery in Estonia.

Natalie Krim

Natalie is an Ojai based artist exploring the complexities of intimacy, women’s issues and political injustices through her surreal and autobiographical drawings. Krim’s amorous pieces illustrate moments in time, a voyeur into her past and the present. Each individual work opens a window into the complex and intimate journey of the artist, and embodies a defiant declaration of the free and fervid feminine spirit.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Compliance of the work with the declared topicChallenge description
  • Eroticism
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • The virality of the video
  • Compliance with video length and format requirements
  • Video / photo quality
  • Presence of editing effects

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Guaranteed prizes

  • Access to private community and social platform at
  • Participate in voting
  • Opportunity to take part in weekly prize draws from organizers and partners
  • Access to exclusive masterclasses from experts and industry leaders
  • Weekly draw of up to $ 3000
  • 10% to 50% discount on works presented on the website as well as project merchandize


  • Prizes from partners and sponsors
  • Social media production
  • Opportunity to put your works on sale at the platfrom
  • Opportunity to submit your best works for auction at the platfrom
  • Individual collaboration conditions from project partners


  • 1st place – $15000, 2nd place – $10000, 3rd place – $5000 (Audience Choice Award)
  • Participation in the unique collaboration reality project Art Erotic Fashion
  • Valuable prizes from partners and sponsors
  • Access to private private events
Nomination Prize Pool:$25,000
  • Production of limited edition large format posters
  • Publication of works in the commercial book of the project
  • Exclusive biennale within the Crystal Fashion Week


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