First International Challenge Award

15.03.2021 — 15.08.2021

A unique and ambitious challenge award that takes place online on an annual basis. An award ceremony of contemporary art and fashion.

The project brings together talented individuals working and creating in the field of contemporary art, fashion and photo

It is also a communication platform for crypto-art brands (copyright protection system).

Countries participating
International off-line events
International experts
Total Prize Pool: : $100,000
  • Participate in Fashion Week Cristal and Mr & Mrs Cristal



Ironically, our skin is the best clothes we wear. Erotic photography represents the beauty of a human body, the sensuality of emotion and admiration. The subtle trick of light and shadows, the curves of the human body draw more and more attention of the photographers. A huge number of fans of modern art enjoy this genre.


Erotic art has become a part of the fashion industry. Models in magazines and social networks draw attention, and we observe their facial expressions and posture. Everything about them is full of sensuality.

Modern erotics is not about provocative outfits or naked bodies. True sexuality is defined by aesthetics, awareness, and individuality. Eroticism is socially acceptable. It is everywhere: in our smiles, in our behaviour, emotions and gestures, and external attributes – clothing, makeup and hairstyling give us a sense of desirability. It creates a special image and atmosphere.


Nowadays, sexuality cannot be considered without taking into account the many social factors that determine the experience of our being in the world. Different theoretical trends reveal the influence of sexuality on our perception in their way. For instance, it is said that visual arts are motivated and structured by sexual drives. Also, theorists view the perception of sexuality through the prism of fetishes, where the exclusively female body is seen as an object of desire. The Art Erotic Challenge can motivate you to develop your critical view of eros and sexuality. Artists can demonstrate how they fight the stigmatization of both sexes. They also explain how the newfound confidence in our attractiveness and strength helps us to define ourselves in life, break free from prejudices and go against the shackles that limit our bodies.

4.Fashion Designers

Our bodies are finally free. Designers and fashion do not depend on social, aesthetic or gender norms anymore. It is time to decide what it is like to be desirable, to be playful, to be erotic. Freedom of expression, freedom of interpretation - this is what we give to each participant of the Art Erotic Challenge. Fashion designers have an opportunity to show their vision and understanding of such a complex and elegant topic as eroticism.

Calendar 2021


Accepting applications, first stage of the competition
15 March — 15 May


Short List, selecting of top 400 participants
1 June — 1 July


Hosting a unique offline event
15 July — 15 August

Awards ceremony

15 August

«Crystal» Fashion Week and Mr & Mrs «Crystal»

The event will take place in Turkey
15 September



Alyona Sirovatskaya

Best Experience Marketing Awards festival, "Tavrida-Art" Creative Communities festival. An organizer of corporate events, forums and exhibitions 2016-2020 for such companies as AFK Sistema, Philip Morris International, Alfa-Bank EMC and many others.

Olga Elizarova
Head of the "Models" nomination

Founder and CEO of the international modelling and PR agency Win Management New York. Fashion executive producer. Director of the New York Fashion Week shows. International model. Education: Parsons School of Design USA (Fashion Management).

Valeria Yazeva
Head of the "Fashion Designers" nomination

Head PR manager at "To be blossom", Steam Tailor, ZDRAVO, "Art & Image" Reputation Technologies Institute, Couture.on.street, Coffprice, Anextour, Rixos hotels, Maxx Royal resorts and Atlas Global airlines. Creator and producer of the international "World Turkish Fashion Day"

Andrej Zhukov
Head of the "Photographers" nomination

Studied Professional Photography in Canada. Major: Commercial Photography. Co-founder of "PhotoVideoFest.Ru" - the largest series of festivals in Russia and the CIS for photographers and videographers. Author of the "ArtWalks.Ru" project. Course teacher at Moscow Lomonosov State University, New York Institute of Photography,, PRUE Plekhanov,, Month of Arts, Photoreload.

Aleksandra Volkova
Head of the "Artists" nomination

A graduate of the British University of Central Saint Martin's in BA (Hons) Textiles & the British Higher School of Art and Design. Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts employee, contemporary art researcher and an aspiring collector, as well as a practising art manager.

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